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The Hub For Serious CS:GO Players

We are hyper focused on bringing you the best experience when it comes to CS:GO community servers. 
No Lag, no hackers and no pay to win.

Why Play On Aim Monster CSGO Servers?

Our team has years of game hosting and development experience to ensure our CSGO servers is best Warmup, Retake and PUG experience we can provide.
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Unmatched Hit Reg

Never miss a shot with our highly optimized servers. We have spent months developing the perfect CSGO servers and configuration.

Hacker Free Servers

We have multiple methods of catching hackers from active admins in game to custom detections. You can be sure the people who are playing are legit.
aim monster gameplayaim monster gameplay

No Pay To Win

Free players are treated the same as VIP players so you can count on never being kicked for an extra slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What servers does Aim Monster run?

The most popular servers we run are CSGO Warmup, Retake and PUG (10man). We will be expanding as our network evolves

Where are your servers located?

Currently we have servers located in Asia and Europe but we will be expanding this in the future.

How do I get started?

To get started playing on our servers, simply type Aim Monster in the CSGO community server browser.

You can also join our Discord server and you will find quick connect links in each of the channels.

Do you offer VIP?

Yes we do but unlike other communities, we do not offer any pay to win. We offer an enhanced experience and you also get to support our community.

join the aim monster Competitive community and start playing today!